LAN-WAN Networking

There are many types of networks that provide us with different kinds of services. In the course of a day, a person might make a phone call, watch a television show, listen to the radio, look up something on the Internet, or even play a video game with someone in another country. All of these activities depend on robust, reliable networks. Networks provide the ability to connect people and equipment no matter where they are in the world.


We are experts in setting up, configuring and managing local area networks. We supply the entire network, including the Server, email server & software, CAT5 or wireless network, ADSL or NAT router, network switch, wall sockets and phase plates, and all other networking products. We currently manage several large corporate local area networks. When we provide a network solution we bring to bear more than 10 years of experience, and exposure to a broad customer base across many industries.

There are two type of Network. We have both Solutions you need.

  1. Wired Network
  2. Wireless Network


Centralizing design, installation, management, and maintenance for the entire network infrastructure ensures homogeneity. All the subnets and components work together in a predictable and reliable manner, providing simplicity, consistency, transparency, and security for everyone, regardless of where they connect to our network. Custom network designs are available to meet any requirements while ensuring interoperability with other parts of the network.

  • Store commonly used files on a shared drive for easier access.
  • Share Files in electronic form to reduce printing costs and paper waste.
  • Share resources, such as hard drives, printers, etc, to get more use out of office equipment.
  • Share software with multi-user license.
  • Send files to individual computer workers with intra-office E-mail.
  • Perform data backups quicker and easier with files on shared drives.
  • Give computer workers access to view files on your hard drive from their computer.
  • Connect you entire office to the Internet through one line.
  • No wasting time and save their time.
  • Free Web Browsing
  • Free call (PC to PC) service
  • Free Video Conferencing.
  • Easily to Communication well.
  • Cost Effective:-Can share files, even a single high speed Internet Connection, all at the same time.

Benefits of Internet Browsing

  • Instant Communications             :- E-mail, Chat, Company Web sites
  • News and Reference                    :-Every major newspaper now on line

We remain on the cutting edge and continuously innovate solutions, adapting to the constantly changing infrastructure, operating systems and equipment environment. Our Areas of Expertise in Networking Include: Windows Servers Windows clients including  XP, Vista, 7, 8 Wireless networking Wired Networking Switches, Racks and Cabinets ADSL Routers NAT Routers Static & Dynamic IP networks email Server Solutions Anti-Virus Solutions Firewall Solutions Data Backup & Restore Solutions Network Printer Solutions Accounting System Support Solutions Disaster Recovery.

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