Access Control Systems

Who has access where, when, and for how long? This question is answered by our integrated solution to access control. Protect your buildings, premises or assets against unauthorized entry or access. This requires intelligent products that are integrated as components in systems and processes.

With us, you put into practice these innovative solutions that permit authorized persons unhindered access and in return uncompromisingly refuse access to unauthorized persons.

Security and restricting access to secure and unauthorized locations have become a paramount importance, not only for high security areas, but for day to day businesses as well. Security access control can be secured by using Fingerprint, Face Recognition, RFID (Radio Frequency ID), HID (Secure ID Format), etc. We provide the complete security access control system, with electronic locks, emergency key switches, and software reports for management monitoring purposes. Features include anti-pass back, duress alert monitoring and dual fingerprint authentication to restricted areas.

We provide the complete solution with installation and maintenance of the system and a comprehensive after sales service.

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