WI-Fi Hotspot System

Hotspot System provides hotspot management and billing services for businesses or individuals who want to provide internet for their customers.

FirstSpot® is all about ease-of-use and giving you unprecedented control on your hotspots. Compare to other hotspot management system, FirstSpot® Windows architecture and server-based pricing gives you the most flexibility in structuring your hotspot access plan. Instead of just offering plain Wi-Fi access, building Wi-Fi Hotspots quickly becomes an important corporate image exercise.

FirstSpot® is the number one Windows hotspot software in the world and has been deployed in more than 45 countries worldwide, they come from a variety of industry segments including hotels, coffee shops, ISPs, Internet cafes, libraries, legal firms, governments and more.

Features highlight

you will find these hotspot-oriented features come alive on your Windows platform:

End-user Friendly

• Web-based login, no extra client required

• Intelligent Info Box showing users information (e.g. access minutes remaining, logout button, announcement - useful for sending promotion, time left reminder)

• Configurable Instant Keywords™ support (e.g. typing "logout" in the browser address bar to logout the user). Also support Anonymous Option

• Universal clients support - Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 (IE, Firefox and Chrome), iPhone, Google Android (has optimized login page (new)) and MAC OS

• In-browser message - That shows message within the active browsing session. The following formats are currently supported: message broadcast, disconnect reminder, always-on InfoBox, Internet surfing break, top banner mode.

Hotspot Network Management

• Different Authentication Modes - username & password, Scratch Code (e.g. just enter a unique number or text to login), anonymous (i.e. simply click okay inside the welcome portal to start surfing), Multiple Logins (through the normal username/password and Scratch Code mode, or Shared Secret

• Username can bind to the first login client MAC address

• Use MAC as username - mode of login that users only need to enter password. Also support passive login that users don't need to enter anything at all (e.g. useful for IP phone or NDS/PSP)

• Login Once - User needs to login once initially and all subsequent access will be automatic.

• Free Access - a new way for new user to try the service which he doesn't need to perform self sign-up and create a username.

• Bandwidth throttling - applying limits on bandwidth consumption globally or down to per-user level to stop network abuse and flexible bandwidth throttling mode which only enable when the total upload or download bandwidth utilization has reached a certain limit.

• Client pass-through - allowing devices with certain MAC/IP addresses to pass-through without login

• Client Isolation - prevent clients PC from seeing one and other in Windows network browser

• IP Block List with block page- Block list which will block IP address range (useful for blocking Intranet)

• Client Black List with block page- ability to block offending client PC

• Port Filtering - allows administrator to enable limited application access (e.g. web only.

• Blackout Period - block Internet access during a certain time period within a day (e.g. 7pm - 10pm)

For a Profitable Hotspot

• Versatile tracking models including:

i) access minutes (i.e. airtime credit) - e.g. coffee shop
ii) hour-pass/day-pass (i.e. suspend at a specific date and time) - e.g. hotel (match the guest check-out time)
iii) Recurring (e.g. every Mon/Wed at 7-9pm) - e.g. Internet cafe "off-peak hours" package, corporate environment
iv) Restricted Account (when airtime credit or quota is used up, instead of suspending the account, user can still have access to the Internet but with Bandwidth Throttling set to global setting) - e.g. slower free access with full performance paid package, Municipal Wi-Fi, airport.

• Data Transfer tracking and Quota System.

• Prepaid card printout through the one-click user creation Quick Add feature or Bulk Accounts creation - e.g. coffee shop can give out prepaid card once customers make a certain amount of purchase.

• Comprehensive usage log - including time, duration, data transfer, client MAC/IP addresses of client machines, and destination URL tracking (DHCP, DNS, FTP, HTTP, POP3, POP3S, SMTP, SSL, Telnet or other customized ports)

• Extensive reporting feature.

Unbeatable Customizability

• One-click login page customization - options to change (or randomize, useful for advertisement) the graphics, font type and size in the standard login page. Streamline login page that breaks down into different sections.

• Different login pages for different network segments, per network segment user account.

• Dynamic Multiple Languages Support - FirstSpot will present appropriate language to the end-users based on client settings.

• FirstSpot® API - allows administrator to modify and query user account information programmatically while maintaining data integrity.

Other Features

• Exception free web site support (can handle wildcard sub-domain name format e.g. *.google.com) - e.g. shopping mall can make the tenants' web site free while restricting other normal surfing

• NAT with Real IP for client PC (e.g. premium package for hotel or Internet cafe) and Port Forwarding support.

• Load Balancing with Failover - setup a second FirstSpot server for load balancing and backup in case the first one fails.

• support Dual Internet Connection (sometimes also known as Dual WAN)

• QoS - ensure certain applications (e.g. VoIP - Skype, SIP) to get guaranteed bandwidth.

• Operator accounts - administrator can define operator accounts with different access levels.

• Option to remove inactive user accounts automatically

Multiple components and functions are required:

  • Duel Core or Core i 3 PC computer, running Windows OS (XP/Vista/7).
  • 2 Network cards (USB or Ethernet network card).
  • Wi-Fi access points or routers.
  • Working internet connection.

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