Medical Centre Appointment Management System


  • Complete software to manages every aspect of a channelling centre
  • Advanced features
  • Simple and Fast to operate
  • Short learning curve for operators
  • Easily customized to meet your specific requirements

Different payment methods

  • Patients can pay the hospital by cash
  • Credit bookings are also accepted and after settling the credit, patient will be included in the booking lists
  • If there are agents, they can also reserve bookings. On request, the program can be upgraded to use credit cards and cheques

Different fees

  • Different doctor fees can be allocated for any doctor
  • The doctor fee can be changed for each secession, for example, the doctor fee for fast lane patients may be Rs. 900.00, whereas that for normal lane patients may be Rs. 800.00.
  • The hospital fee can also vary according to secessions.
  • There can be different fee for agent bookings and foreign patients.

Several Reports

  • Doctor View
  • Nurse view
  • Secession View
  • Shift End Summery
  • Day End Cash Balance
  • Agent Financial Management
  • Agent Bookings Reports
  • Agent Deposits
  • Daily Agent Balance
  • Credit Management
  • Credit booking reports
  • Credit Settling Reports
  • Credit customer reports

Fully Customizable

  • Extensive Printer settings
  • Select any Paper settings
  • Adjust Printing positions
  • Several other are customizable features


  • Two tier architecture
  • Multi user
  • Database in a server
  • Accessible by any number of computers in a network simultaneously


  • User Authorization and authentication
  • Role based privileges
  • Data backup and restore

Advanced Appointment Management

  • According to time - Patients are given the approximate appointment time according to the starting time and the usual duration of a visit.
  • According to number - A serial number can be given to each patient of a secession of bookings by a specific doctor
  • Multiple secessions - Any number of secession per a day can be added for a single doctor. Ex: Morning Secession, Evening Secession, Fast Lane, Normal Lane, etc. The characteristics like doctor fee, hospital fee, starting time, and usual duration for a single visit can all be customized for any secession separately.
  • Weekday Scheduling - All the scheduling can be done according to the weekday initially. For example, there can be two secession called morning secession and evening secession for Mondays and only one secession for Saturdays called Saturday Secession.
  • Holiday scheduling - A different set of secessions can be added for special days. For example, a normal Monday may have two secessions starting at 7 am and 5 pm, there may be only one secession starting at 1 pm on a Poyaday.
  • Leave Days - Adding leave days is simple and no patient will be given an appointment during those days.
  • Appointment Cancellations - Any appointment can be cancelled as selected by the user authority levels. Although both the doctor fee and the hospital fee will be paid back to the patient by default, either doctor fee alone or part of it can be repaid. A receipt can be printed for cancellations if necessary.
  • Appointment Refunds - Refunds can be made as requested by the doctor. Total doctor fee, a part of doctor fee, the hospital fee, a part of hospital fee, can be repaid to the patient. A receipt can be printed for refunds if necessary.
  • Marking patient Present / Absent - If the management wants to allow making patient absent or present, any patient can be easily marked present or absent. The management can decide whether to add absent patient’s doctor fee to the doctor payments or not.
  • Reprints
  • Name changes

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