Electronic Medical Record System

In a busy private practice, the time that can be allocated to a single patient is limited. Doctors can't spend a significant time with computer software during patient encounters. This has been overcome by automated prescription generation with use of features named as Favourite Medicines, Favourite Diagnosis, Visit Refills and Patient Refills.

The receptionist can manage the basic demographic data and the doctor needs only to handle medical data. Patients can be added to a queue by the receptionist, and the doctor can take one patient at a time from the queue.

Typing the first few letters of an intended medicine will select the medicine. Although the doctor can proceed entering the dose, frequency and duration, he can bypass that long process just by pressing the enter key after selecting the medicine, which will fill up everything depending on the weight or age. In the same way, when a diagnosis is selected and press the enter key, the combination of medicine selected once by the doctor, will be added to the prescription. When necessary, it is very easy to change the prescription. Right clicking the prescription will prompt the possible alternatives of trade names, dose and frequency durations.


  • Record and Retrieve details of patients, visits, observations, investigations, treatments, referrals and images.
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Computer generated prescriptions
  • Auto-generation of Referrals
  • Auto-generation of Medical Certificates and other Documents
  • Warnings for allergies, drug interactions and contraindications
  • Knowledge database
  • Patient Education
  • Laboratory Module
  • Pharmacy Module
  • Financial Management
  • Appointment Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Analysis of Clinical and Financial data
  • Easy to learn
  • User Friendly
  • Saves time
  • Extensively customizable
  • Simple, yet powerful

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