Software Solutions

At Software Solutions, we give local governments, private and public utilities more than the tools they need to effectively manage all their financial departments and responsibilities.we also provide uncompromising customer service. 

At the moment, full ranges of ready-made medical software are available over the shelf. They have been thoroughly tested over the years. Most of the features can be customised to meet different requirements of individual institutions. If there are requirements that can have not been addressed in the existing software, we undertake the development of tailor made software.
We have customers all over Sri Lanka. Although we have not extended our services beyond the country, we are willing to explore the possibility in the coming year.

We provide a full range of ready-made medical software, including Electronic Health Record Systems, Laboratory Information Systems, Pharmacy Software, Medical Store Management Systems, Inward Patient Management Systems and Medical Channelling Centre Software. We also have ready-made software for specific purposes like Radiology Report Generation Software and Medical Record Room Software. If the solution for your medical center is not available over the shelf, we will develop it for you within a short time for very reasonable prices.




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